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Cost - Benefit Analysis is an analytical tool used to estimate the benefits and costs of an investment project.

Cost - Benefit Analysis is to determine whether the project deserves to be...


Indice Consulting and Management is planning corporate events!

We offer comprehensive services in planning corporate events, custom, suited to the requirements of...

BUSINESS PLAN (09.Agosto.2016)

The business plan is a document that lays the foundation of any business and it will set direction of your company.

The business plan describes the concept of business, how...

Cursuri noi 2015 ()

INDICE CONSULTING AND MANAGEMENT organizeaza in perioada februarie – mai 2015 urmatoarele cursuri de perfectionare:

Curs de dezvoltare a antreprenoriatului
Numar ore formare – 25
Curs acreditat...

INTERNSHIP - Energetic Efficiency / Energetic Audits ()

INTERNSHIP -  Energetic Efficiency / Energetic Audits

We are a company with 25 years of experience and strong presence in international...


INDICE has initiated Network Projects in the subject of Management Systems and ICT use, with 6 entities and 85 small and medium-sized companies.

Covenant of Mayors ()

The ecological footprint shows that we would need three planets to meet our needs. The biosphere can not absorb our emissions. It's impossible!

The time of cheap energy is over. The cost to access energy sources, as well as costs of...

Spain - Energie ()

Our energy solutions are being promoted in Andalusia.

Turkey - Business Mission ()

On December we participated in a business mission: Turkey. The promotion on external markets, partners identifcation, and conduct business is a continuous process of our strategy.

Global - Team INDICE Group ()

On December 2010, the Team INDICE Group surpassed the number 175.

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Indice Group, is represented in several countries of the world!...